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Meet the Team


Dr. Kent

Matt was born in Logan, Utah and raised in Richfield, Idaho. As the second of eleven children, he learned to eat quickly before the food was gone!


He grew up without glasses, although he realizes now that he needed them by at least age 10 when he couldn’t catch the baseball in the outfield anymore. In high school, he had to ask the coach what the score was during timeouts because he couldn’t see the scoreboard. Finally, he got glasses and contacts and his basketball shooting percentage improved. 


After high school he spent some time in India helping surgeons at eye camps prepare blind patients for life-changing cataract surgery. He didn’t settle on optometry as his career choice until he proposed to his wife and she asked how he planned to support their future family. He quickly responded that he would be an optometrist because he thought that would impress her. He attended Ricks College, Brigham Young University, and graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry. 


He has practiced in various locations throughout the Magic and Wood River Valleys since graduating as a doctor of optometry in 2005. He established Little Wood Vision Clinic in Shoshone in 2016 to bring quality eye care to rural Lincoln County. 


He and his wife Becky live in Richfield. He encourages his children to dribble a basketball in the house and to chase the chickens off the sidewalk.



Office Manager


Becky enjoys walking, crockpot dinners, fresh eggs from the chickens, and watching her children grow. Someday she wants to be as cool as her mom. 





A Gooding County native, Tara has over 10 years experience working in optometry offices in various roles, including pretesting, optical dispensing, reception, and front desk duties. She is a delight to all who know her and played a pivotal role in the establishment of Little Wood Vision Clinic.

She loves the outdoors and has even been on safari in Africa with her husband Cory. She enjoys the mountains, the canyons, fishing and hunting, and pretty much any outdoor adventure. She also loves her goat, her chickens, and her children.





If you have lived in Lincoln County for long, you probably recognize Crystal’s smiling face! Crystal brings a wide spectrum of experience to our office at the front desk, in the optical, and in pretesting.


You can thank Crystal (and her grandsons) for finding the “indestructible” children’s frames we now carry on our frame board. 

She enjoys spending time with her family, golfing, and gardening.



Staff ~ Se Habla Español ~

Fatima emigrated as a child to the United States with her family from Mexico.  She spoils the office with authentic Mexican food. Her ceviche is excelente! She enjoys watching bull riding, attending family parties, nurturing her children, and cooking with her mom. 


Her infectious laugh can often be heard throughout the office. Fatima’s smile brightens any room. Fatima is our primary pretester and our Spanish language translator. 



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